Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sad Sunday

It's the second day of my Winter Break (I have to be politically correct, right?) and I am sad. I was supposed to be leaving for a snow filled, fun filled, excitement filled trip to Montana on Christmas day (do I put December 25 to continue being politically correct?)-but I canceled. And I am sad. I wanted to go play in the snow and go skiing and eat at Howard's Pizza, but I'm not. Geeze, I am totally Debbie Downer, but have you ever just been sad and confused? And wondered and wondered and wondered if you made the right decision? That's me right now, and I'm sad. In order to try to clear my head (which seems to be full of not only confusion, but a massive amount of snot) I am going to get into the Christmas spirit and make cookies with my mom and Joe! That should help, right? But I am really wondering---have any of you ever been just plain, old sad and really, truly wondered what the heck was controlling the decisions you are making? And why you were making the decisions you are?

I'm going a little deep on this Sad Sunday, I know.

Yes, my next post will be upbeat and positive. These are MY Memorable Moments, and this Sad Sunday will be one of those moments I won't forget and will always wonder if I did the right thing.


Rachel said...

I'm sorry you're sad :( but you have to do what your gut instincts tell you to do... I hope making Christmas cookies helped you feel better!!!

Jessica said...

So sorry that you're feeling sad. Here's hopes that the post above IS indeed much more upbeat and happy.

Krystyn said...

Sorry, Em. You know I'm hear for you.

Stephanie said...

I hate that you were so sad but happy to know you did the thing you thought was best. And that your Monday got better :)