Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thirteen things I did before Christmas Eve:

1. Decorated the candy house with my mom and aunts.

2. Got upset that Aunt Deb put roaches or rats (they are just ugly) in my pretty flower
garden. (She thought it was cute, I thought it ruined my flowers. Then, the discussion of
roaches went from gross, flying the roaches that were smoked in the 70's.)

3. Went Christmas shopping at Katy Mills with Stephanie on December 21.

4. Took my students on a field trip to the Health and Science Museum. We had a great time,
until they decided to throw rocks at the ducks. I won't tolerate animal cruelty, no matter
how small, so we were back on the bus and headed to school 2 hours ahead of schedule.
(I can't put pictures of my students up because it violates some kind of privacy laws.)

5. Went to see Dave Matthews Band concert in 3-D. It was an amazing show/movie and if
they ever come to Houston I will go see them. The 3-D was alright, but not necessary and
the glasses made my head hurt.

6. Planned and began packing for a trip to Montana.

7. Made the most difficult cookies of all time with my mom.
Gathering our ingredients. Nothing makes Christmas cookies taste better then 4 sticks of butter!

The green cherries that go in the middle of the cookies....I've never seen green cherries growing wild either, unless they weren't ripe. Even then they weren't this green.
The batter.....yummy!!!!!

8. Developed a love/hate relationship with the cookie & pastry press. It was very hard to use, and I never really got the hang of it. Maybe I will next year.

9. Canceled going to Montana.

10. Wrapped 4 AAA batteries individually. Joe asked me to and it was a little tricky, but they turned out cute!

11. Went Christmas shopping with David on December 19 and 22.

12. Watched Leroy, once again, do one of the strangest things I have ever seen a cat do. He was eating my blackberry yogurt....and loved it. Oh, Leroy, you are the craziest cat ever, but mommy sure does love you!

13. Went Christmas shopping with Joe, and for Joe (he had meetings so he couldn't do it all with me) over 6 times. I guess he doesn't call me his Elf for nothing. December 22 was our last trip for the we hope!

I hope everyone had fun preparing for Christmas, and have time to enjoy the reason for the season with loved ones!


Stephanie said...

Busy, busy girl!!
Those cookies looked yummy!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas here with all of your family!!!
Tell your mom I said hi please!!

Krystyn said...


Our cookie press is broken. No mastery required, just push on it and hope for the best.

The batteries are hilarious. I can't wait to see what they are for!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Let's plan on skyping tomorrow:)

Stephanie said...

Can you explain maybe why you were asked to wrap 4 batteries?

You were in the kitchen a lot! Next time feel free to bring some of that over to my place ;)

Thanks again for the wine lamp - my mom adores it! And so do I - it's on daily! :)