Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Special Students

Just a reminder, I do teach 7th and 8th grade special ed. This is a 3 minute story about what can happen in my room on any given day:

Student walks into class with his hand to his mouth. I asked him what was wrong. He told me he was bleeding. I asked him to show me where he was bleeding from so I could determine if he needed to go to the nurse. He opened his mouth (yes, OPENED) to show me a small palce where a tiny speck of blood was on the roof of his mouth. He told me he cut it on a chip at lunch. I told him to go rinse his mouth with water and it would be fine. I thought everything would be ok with a good mouth rinse....wow, I was totally wrong.
He returns from the water fountain, still holding his mouth saying now he needs a band-aid. I asked him how he was going to put a band-aid INSIDE his mouth. He told me he has done it before. I told him no, and to have a seat. Then, he completely freaked and started crying telling me he had to go to the nurse right away, becuase she would put a band-aid in his mouth. The nurse at my school is very educated and would not give him a band-aid for this non-existent wound inside his mouth.
I took him outside to talk to him and let him calm down. He did, came back into class, and the rest of the day went great.
I get to work the next day, and there is an ee-mail from one of the assistant principals...the students mother called to say i neglected her child when he was hurt, and he would not be able to come to school that day. She said she was taking him to get stitches in his mouth!?!?!?!?!
STITCHES!!!! The next day? Are you kidding me????? Of course, the assistant princiapl had dealt with the mother several times and knew that I would not neglect a hurt student. He returned to school the next day without a doctors note, or stitches. This is why I think teachers need to be paid more!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Why We Should All Have Leather Furniture

Meet TBH (her name will remain annonymous, but she knows who she is), an English teacher from Texas. She was so excited about meeting this great guy and going on a few dates with him. She was a little worried he was not very into her because they had only kissed once. Since I am a female myself, I did understand her concern but also reassured her that he would not be hanging out with her every day possible if he did not like her. So, she comes to work one day with a rather disturbed look on her face. I instantly thought something had gone wrong with the new guy in her life, so I asked her what was up. She didn't say anything, just rolled up her jeans and showed me her knee.

My response, "Ouch! What happened? Did you fall down or get a spider bite? What is that?"

TBH (responding with a huge grin on her face, "I got it while making out with K (the guy she thought didn't like her). We were sitting on the couch making out, for a while, and my knee started burning. Girl, I didn't care because he kisses really good!"

Me, "Well, I am glad it was worth it!"

Today, TBH came to work and informed that K is having leather furniture delivered today...and I am SURE she will be over there as soon as possible.

Lesson Learned: Don't make-out on fabric couches! I will let you guys know tomorrow if she gets any wounds from the leather!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I am Excited School is about to Start:
1. I won't have time to be bored (which results in eating for the fun of it)
2. I will get to see my students from last year
3. I will see some really good friends every day
4. My classroom is going to be super cute
5. I feel like i really know what I am doing this year (finally!!!)
6. I will be more active
7. I will get to spend time with regular ed. students when I coach
8. Getting to know the new staff members
9. Learning more about my students
10. Watching my students succeed and grow
11. Learning what to do in order for my students to be successful...and implement it through their daily work
12. Trying to be the best teacher for my students
13. I will have some great stories to tell (my students provide some great entertainment and laughs)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

River Trip

As many Texans know, the Guadalupe River is a great place to go in order to escape the Texas heat by floating down the river, drinking a cold beverage. Last year, it often flooded and I was not able to make it to the river...I didn't want that to happen this year. So, we went on a family river trip!! We packed up and took off early Friday morning with the trailer in tow, and MANY beverages on ice! I made a special treat...let's call it 'M's Fruit Cocktail' which is fresh pineapple, apples, strawberries and peaches sliced and soaked in VODKA!

Friday we hung out in the river near our campsite, and decided we would float down the river Saturday. We chose to do a 7 hour trip, which is a long time to be in the sun drinking!! But, when you don't even have to move to go to the bathroom, why not enjoy it?

We always bring a grapefruit bag along to throw our cans in so we don't litter. About halfway through the trip we stopped to empty the trash into recycling bins. By this time, we had quite a few empty beer cans. My mom, being the neat freak she is, went to the shore and had Zach and Joe throw her the empty cans. As I mentioned, we did all drink seeing as nobody had to drive or (this is more important to me)get up to pee. Since the cans were empty it was difficult for the guys to throw them to the shore. In order to add some weight to the cans, they filled them with a little water. GREAT IDEA, right?!?!?! Well, Joe threw a beautiful toss that had nice heigt and would be easy to catch. Mom had her hands above her head and it looked like it would be a great catch. But, the can slipped right between her fingers and smacked her in the nose. Joe quickly apologized but we thought it was just a small accident and mom shook it off. This is the result:

We did have a great weekend and mom had an awesome story to tell at work!

Joe flexing his awesome muscles!

Joe and Zach

Monday, August 11, 2008

New at This

Welcome to my Blog! I am still very unsure of where this is going to lead...but I think I have some entertaining stories I just have to share. I am a Special Education teacher at a middle school (oh, the stories I could tell about that!) but I am going to use this space to share what happens in my regular life. It seems as though people place teachers in a category of pure innocence....you will soon learn this is not the case. Stay tuned for tales from the Family River Trip and what happens when you make-out too long on a cloth couch...yes, I do have a picture!!!