Monday, July 20, 2009

CaUtIoN...this is all my opinion!

To begin with, I was planning to be in Cancun right now, but plans changed and I am in Katy. Which is actually good! Me and David are not together, however, we are going to remain friends. I know at times it will be difficult, but he is very important to me and we are both committed to being friends.

I just looked at (I do love my celebrity gossip) and saw Mischa Barton is in the psych ward and getting all kinds of crap for it. I went through a terrible break up about a year and a half ago, and I am pretty sure at some point I should have been committed for being a wee bit mentally and emotionally unstable. Last time I checked we are all human...even celebs. I don't think it's great Mischa is in the psych ward, however, if she is getting the medical attention she needs shouldn't that be supported? If Steve McNair's girlfriend got the help she needed, they would both be alive still. And what about the wrestlers that lost it and killed their families last year....a little time getting medical treatment may have changed things. Eva Mendes went to rehab, it was never reported why she did (which doesn't matter) and she is doing fabulous! I just want to try to be supportive of people getting help, not criticize or poke fun. If I were in the public eye I am sure they would be able to post horrible things about me every day...I am human and make mistakes.

Now, on to Jon and Kate Gosselin.....what are they thinking? Both of them? Him dating a girls so young is all good if it makes him happy...but parading around saying they are going to make an Ed Hardy childrens clothing line together? GAG!!! I do think Jon and Kate are free to date other people but haven't they learned parading around a romance/relationship in the public eye is not healthy? What does that teach their kiddos? I also think Kate needs to be left alone. Yes, she was mean and snappy with Jon on the show, but it is edited!!!! Come on people! And if you don't like her hair then don't like it...doesn't mean you need to make rude comments and give it a nickname.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all....I learned that young and do my best to follow it. I do make mistakes, but I am trying and will hopefully learn from them.

Not sure where all this came from, but I am reading The Shack right now....I believe it has something to do with it! Great book for sure!

I will continue to read my celebrity gossip as it is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, but does it have to be so mean and hurtful? It is still interesting to read about people that have more money and power then I ever will, but please make it more positive! Mischa, I hope you get the help you need!