Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thirteen things that are on my bedroom floor at this very moment:
1. 3 pillows
2. gym bag
3. Eclipse (I am almost finished)
4. my new pink and black (fake) snake skin high heels...I like to wear them around the house because I love them so much!
5. LanoLip lip gloss (this stuff is awesome!)
6. a huge teddy bear...gotta cuddle something at night
7. 5 empty bottles of water
8. paperwork for my girls track meet on Feb. 21
9. 2 bags of clothes from Target....
10. 1 bag of clothes from Charming Charlies...I can't refuse a good sale!
11. 8 pairs of shoes
12. a DVD I have had for too long and need to just send back to Netflix
13. a copy of my itinerary for when I go to Atlanta for Spring Break!!
I know what you are thinking, why am I blogging and not cleaning my room???? I am not in the mood. That's it. It's not disgusting, but it sure is messy...I just don't feel like cleaning things up right now. Ever felt that way?

Monday, February 16, 2009


is old? Wow! I Didn't know until today that at the ripe old age of 26 people consider me a cougar. Well, not people, but the bagger guy at Kroger did. I was checking out and had $80 worth of groceries, so my cart was pretty full. The guy (I should say BOY) put 3 items in a bag and disappeared....I look one lane over and he is helping a very attractive young girl bag her 10 items. I just stared at the boy, I couldn't believe he left my pile of groceries sitting there for me to sack. I have no problem putting my groceries in bags, it's no big deal, I am not above a bagger. However, to leave me for some cute, young (she was maybe 13, and with her mom) girl to sack her groceries...ouch! Wrinkle cream and Botox here I come!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Too Honest

As I have mentioned several times before I teach 7th and 8th grade Special Education. Usually, my students are pretty well behaved and don't get into much trouble. However, one afternoon I gave them free time on the computers. There are only 6 computers and 10 students, so some had to share. They usually go to the Disney Channel website or Both sites are very appropriate and educational. Well, little did I know one student decided to go to Google images....YIKES! Although most inappropriate sites are blocked, the thumbnail pictures still show up on google images. This student, I will call him J, has always loved girls, and yes, I do keep a close eye on him. He decided to use Google images to look up porn, in my classroom, while I was actively monitoring them!!!
Of course I took him off the computer immediately and sent him to the office. I try not to write my kids up, but i didn't want the district to do some kind of search and find out one of my students attempted too look up porn and I did nothing about it. So, he goes to the office and the assistant principal decides this needs to be a parent conference. Mom gets there and the student tells her and the ap that he was trying to look up the word "puse" (for those of you not familiar with special education students he was attempting to spell pu$$y). He was very honest and I was floored! How can you say you were trying to look that up in front of your own mother?!?! Now he is only allowed on the computer for the specific program needed for my class and doesn't have internet access...which you think would be OK, right????.....
Nope! Not for J! I passed out a set of educational magazines for the class so we could read a play that was in it. My students love to read plays! They usually put someone famous on the cover and do a small story about them, to get the kiddos interested in reading. This cover had Rhianna on the front. Great for middle school students, right? Great for every kid except J....who was licking the magazine because he wanted to "kiss" Rhianna. WHAT??? He just wanted to kiss her, he said. I explained to him it was not appropriate and actually disgusting because other students would be using the same magazine.
More exciting stories from my classroom to come......

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Plus 7!

I asked Krystyn to respond to her tag. My comments are in italics.

1. You give people the benefit of the doubt all of the time, almost to a fault. Definitely to a fault, but we won't mention any names here.
2. You love my girls almost as much as I do. YES I do!
3. You love unconditionally.
4. You are very forgiving (sometimes it takes time). It always takes time for me.
5. You are very loyal. Getting stabbed in the back sucks! Treat others how you want to be treated, kind of my motto.
6. You LOVE to shop. I sure do! I kinda think I am good at it!
7. And, you love to find good deals (you seriously find the best stuff at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and even Walmart). Our momma taught us right...I always go straight for the clearance racks, and clearance section when shopping online. Plus, you have to be in the mood to shop!
8. You hate the sounds of metal on metal (in fact, you are probably cringing just reading this). I just puked in my mouth...seriously, why don't people use plastic more often? It's washable, too. One of my students was chewing on a paperclip the other day! I completely flipped out and almost cried til it was out of his mouth! And he has braces. YUCK!!
9. You make me eat with a plastic fork because apparently, I bite my fork when eating. Yes, you do. I make everyone do it when they bite metal utensils. Hot soup is the worst!
10. When you drink tea, you like to dump the tea bag into the water and drink all of the crunchy goodness. I seriously love my Smooth Move!
11. You closet is color coordinated. Color coordinated, dresses in one area, skirts in another, dress pants next to them, tank tops in their own spot, spaghetti strap shirts in their own place...etc! I even have a section for new clothes, I have so many I forget to wear them.
12. You probably have 5 of the same shirts in different colors. If it looks good, and it's on sale, of course I do! And I usually get you one, too!
13. You like to threaten to take my clothes, even though they are too big for you. STOP! They are not too big for me, and they are super cute but I won't ever take them. I like adding to the Hall family wardrobe as much as possible.
14. You like all doors (closets, bedrooms, bathrooms) to be closed when you go to sleep. True! But I can't sleep with my bedroom door closed. I don't want the babies to be stuck in or out for an entire night. Oh, and I check my front, back and garage door probably six times to make sure they are locked before I go to sleep.
15. Your cats are like your kids (you probably know their birthdays and adoption dates). They are my babies and they do have middle names and last names!
16. You could drink a cold beer as soon as it is offered. Of course! This is Texas...and I will do the same anywhere else!
17. But, you like a good glass of wine, too. Drinking one as I respond to this! And zoE is sitting by the computer, and Leroy is on my lap.
18. You love your iPod (and I'm pretty sure you have more than one of them). OK, I do have two, but one really was never mine. My radio doesn't get good reception in my car so my ipod is my essential, but I love it regardless.
19. You have a hard time telling people "no." So very true.
20. You like to visit Atlanta, but would never move here. If I found a hubby there, I would move!

Any other questions???? Feel free to ask!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maybe I found my husband...

Australian swimmer Matthew Mitcham, openly gay. Nevermind.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Give Away at Krystyn's Blog!

Krystyn, my fabulous, amazing, gorgeoues, kind and sometimes fiesty (in a good, protective way) sister is having an amazing give away! Go now...the tote is too cute! I NEED it!