Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thirteen things I will do in Atlanta:

1. Kiss Izzy!
2. Meet Natalie!
3. Hug and love on my Blubs and Sampson!
4. Babysit the cutest girls in the world!
5. Enjoy Krystyn and Papa Bear's company and positive vibe!
6. Eat at Magic Mushroom!
7. See David, Marty, Luke and Cassidy!
8. Tell my sister and Papa Bear to enjoy some relaxing time away from the house!
9. Make a seems to happen every time I go and am supposed to be helping out.
10. COOK!
11. Make cookies with my Blubs!
12. Take pics with Blubs and Sampson!
13. Try to be the best sister and aunt possible, and enjoy every moment I get to spend with the

Now I need to go to sleep, I have to leave my house at 4a.m. to catch my flight. Usually, that wouldn't be too bad because I am a morning person, however, I am a little (ok, a WAY MORE THAN A LITTLE) excited to go to Atlanta. I wonder if Krystyn has told Izzy I am coming.....