Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I am Excited School is about to Start:
1. I won't have time to be bored (which results in eating for the fun of it)
2. I will get to see my students from last year
3. I will see some really good friends every day
4. My classroom is going to be super cute
5. I feel like i really know what I am doing this year (finally!!!)
6. I will be more active
7. I will get to spend time with regular ed. students when I coach
8. Getting to know the new staff members
9. Learning more about my students
10. Watching my students succeed and grow
11. Learning what to do in order for my students to be successful...and implement it through their daily work
12. Trying to be the best teacher for my students
13. I will have some great stories to tell (my students provide some great entertainment and laughs)


Krystyn said...

I'm excited about new stories!

I need to make you a Thursday Thirteen graphic.

Tara said...

Can't wait to read more!! Glad you have a blog. Welcome aboard. BTW, Krystyn sent me!!

Kori said...

Ok first of all your Sister just ROCKS at blog design. I love yours she did mine too. Also love the list. I will be back can't wait to read more.

Tam said...

HI I just came over from Krystyns blog. She pimped you out NICE!!! LOVE LOVE your layout! SO Happy Friday!

Cecily R said...

I came over from Krystyn's blog too...sounds like you DO have kids to blog about if you're a teacher!

It also sounds like I want you to by MY kids' teacher. Any teacher who enthusiastic to truly see kids succeed is fantastic in my book!!!

YOu should Photo Story Friday with your sister next week!! said...

Your sister told me to come say hello. I taught middle school, so I understand each one of your reasons. I feel for you. Is inservice starting?

April said...

Hey your sis sent me over! And you do NOT need children to have a blog--I don't! (not that I'm not TRYING heh heh...)
Welcome! Come visit if you want. :-)

Luke's Mom said...

you sis sent me over too! just wanted to say hi and say welcome to the blogging world. My sister emily had a blog about her study abroad experience in Mexico. So had a blog that wasn't about kids! hahaha....

Kathryn said...

Beautiful blog! I came over from Krystyn's.
Nice to "meet" ya! :)

Kendra said...

Came from your sister's blog to check yours out. It's fabulous!
Welcome to blog world but beware it can be addicting! :)

scrappysue said...

i love the colours on your blog! thanks for stopping by and enjoy school!

Rhea said...

Congrats on your new blog! It's adorable. I'm here from your sister's site. So nice to meet you.

Little Sweethearts said...

Welcome to blogland!
Warning: it's addictive. Especially the comments!

PS: I'm part of the Krystyn Blog Patrol... ;)

Cara said...

Welcome to blogworld, Emily!

Middle school special ed? Wow! I admire you for taking that on! There's nooooo way I could do that job. They'd all be bigger than me. ;)

Great to see you on here!

Anonymous said...

You sound like my brother. He really enjoys his students too.

GoteeMan said...

i hope you have a truly wonderful year... what you are doing is so important, as you mold the minds of the young ones... and in the meantime, gain some hilarious experiences - a given with kids!


Stephanie said...

Welcome to the blog'll be addicted in no time!!
Hope you are doing good..havent seen you in a while!
Your blog looks GREAT...she did mine too!

just jamie said...

Came over through your sis. I'll be teaching again too soon. It's such a good feeling, the fresh start, the new faces, the anticipation. Good luck.

Grammy Staffy said...

Hi Emily...Krystyn told us to visit your new post. I am glad I did. I love hearing about good teachers like you. I retired after 24 years of teacher...2 years of preschool and 22 years in high school.
I wish you all kinds of good luck. I hope it will be a great year for you. With your optimistic attitude I'm sure it will be.