Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catching Up!

I have been so busy since school started! Volleyball began the third day of school, so I am not leaving my school until 5:30, sometimes later, every day. I know, that's not that late, but when I have to drive from Aldine to Katy in rush hour traffic, it's not so fun. Here are some of the fun things I did this summer! (I did teach summer school, so it was not all fun!)

My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family trip to Mackinac Island. It was fun, relaxing and beautiful. Unfortunately, the place constantly smells like horse poop. There are no motorized vehicles on the island, so you either walk, ride a horse, or take and horse and buggy carriage. Add it up= horse poop aroma 24/7!

Krystyn and Me at the casual family dinner:

Mom, Great Aunt Rose and Aunt Theresa on the ferry ride to the island:

Krystyn, me and Mom going to the formal anniversary dinner:

Krystyn and me before the formal dinner. She is one hot momma!

Our mom and her two sisters, Deb and Theresa:

We did have a really great trip. I was able to see family members I only see about every five years. Congrats to my grandparents for 50 great years....I hope to have this celebration one day in my future!

I also got to go to a few Astros games! I had season tickets last year, but did not even think about buying them for this year (they are expensive and I also had no idea who would want to go to all the games with me.) These are some pictures from the games:

Me and David:

It was very special for David and I to go to a game together. He took me to one of the playoff games in 2005, the night before my birthday. We had AWESOME seats behind home plate (he paid a ton for them) and could even see Barbara and George a few rows in front of us. He even sweet talked the camera guy to getting us on the 'kiss cam', which is displayed on the big screens at Minute Maid Park. It was my 15 minutes of fame! OK, more like 3 seconds, but it was very exciting! The Astros did not win, but it is still my absolute favorite game of all time! Thanks David!

TBH invited me to a game, because her friend got tickets for free from a client. I brought along my 21 year old friend, Max, (No offense to young folks out thereand for the record, Max can sine and play guitar like noone I have ever heard. He is so talented and fun!) and this is what he did with my camera:

The Astros won so we were trying to get a picture with the fireworks in the background so please try to imagine them being there. My sister is the great photographer, not me!

Next post, my tripS to Atlanta and some summer fun in the sun!


Krystyn said...

Thanks for catching me up...all these least I can put some faces with the names!

And, I probably couldn't have captured the fireworks, either!

Stephanie said...

Looks like fun!!
I love the Stros..I need to take Landon to a game though..hes never been!
Looking forward to more pics!!

Rachel said...

man you and Krystyn look SO much a like!! Hey I got to go to the last playoff game! even though we lost, it was still a BLAST! I didnt get on the kiss cam though!!

Great photos!!

so you are a vball coach?? awesome!!

Stephanie said...

Such fun! Emily - you are so freaking tall! Goodness!

Fireworks are pretty hard to get on camera if it makes you feel any better ;)