Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have been truly blessed and lucky to have been able to visit my sister and her family three times this year! Still, I am not sure how they can call Atlanta home, but it's not changing anytime soon so I have learned to live with it and buy tickets when they are cheap! Here are some pictures of me and my Blubs from the visits this year!

We tried to take a picture of ourselves at lunch:

After our attempt at a photo, Izzy started to model for me! She was cracking me up, especially since she has been in a 'no picture' mood lately. here are her glamor shots:

This picture cracks me up, too! Izzy really wanted to hold my camera but since it is still pretty new to me, and I didn't want it destroyed I told her she could not have it. She was not too happy with that and gave me this look:

How pathetic, yet so darn cute!

I like to do fun things with Izzy, since I don't see her very often. We went to Kangazoom or Kangajump or something like that one day...she had a blast! And it's a killer workout!

We got there before the place opened up and she was so good waiting in the car to go, "JUMP!!!"

Little Miss independent:

We both look so innocent...right? This is was the trip after she covered herself with A&D Ointment, but before she did it with Vaseline. Anyone need a free babysitter????

I can't wait to visit again, and when I do I will get to hold Sampson. Feeling the baby kick and have hiccups is great and all, but I am ready to hold it and spoil it rotten!!!! Thanks Papa Bear, Krystyn, Izzy, Sassy and Sampson for letting me come visit...and continuing to do so even though I seem to let Izzy make the worst messes!


Stephanie said...

OH my..her "glamour shots" were adorable!!!
She has the cutest personality!!
You are very lucky you get to go visit so much! (of course they are too..messes and all!!)

Krystyn said...

I wish I would have had the glamor shots..she never poses for me!

And, we'll take our free sitter...vaseline and a&d ointment and all!

Jenny said...

I can't get over how much she looks like both of them! What a cute/proud aunt you are. I look forward to the day that my sister has children cause that will be WAY sooner than I do (knock on wood). You guys look like you had a blast!

Mom said...

When am I going to get copies of these pictures. I love the sassy look at lunch. Krystyn has owed me a disc for months now.