Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thirteen Interesting Things that Happened on my Summer 09 Trip to Atlanta:

1. I had to take the tram for the first time at Intercontinental Airport because my mom dropped me off at the wrong terminal. (On my return trip, all the trams at the Atlanta airport broke down and it was a mess.)
2. I had to walk outside to get on the plane.
3. The plane was the size of my car...
4. And the guy I sat next to was as big as Santa clause.
5. There was a lady carrying a funoodle as a carry on item (they cost $1, and it was totally in the way).
6. The SkyMagazine claims their fake zombie that can be placed in a flower bed is one of their number on sellers!?!? Seriously, it looked like one of the actors in Thriller, and they claim people love to have it in their yard year round.
7. The SkyMagazine also sells a marshmallow gun. Not a paintball gun, or a water gun....a marshmallow gun. WHAT?!
8. I asked Izzy if Sassy (the family cat) needs to make a pee pee...she said, "No, Emily. Sassy doesn't have a booty." And Izzy was serious. HiLaRiOuS!
9. The lady at Gymboree asked Krystyn, "Is that red hair?" Neither of us could believe the lady just asked that. What other color would it be?
10. I tasted some homemade baby food I thought was great. It tasted like banana nut bread dough...and then I was told it had beans in it, and breast milk.
11. I was made fun of because I am from Texas...
12. And then the waiter tried to make it up to me by saying, "I meant you were from Texas, as in Miss Texas."
13. And then he asked if I was going to come see him the next day at work.

It was a great trip, with many memorable moments!!


Stephanie said...

Now thats some funny stuff!! (maybe not at the time, but we can laugh now, right?!?!)
I know you love your trips there, and I'm sure they equally love having Aunt Em!!

Jessica said...

That was a great list! And, I'm just fascinated at the fact that Sassy has no booty. Wondercat?!

Krystyn said...

Atlanta trips are always a blast.

What you failed to mention about the food was that there was also some breast milk in it!

We had a great time!

Rachel said...

ok, I am cracking up at the Fun noodle carry-on and the fact that someone asked about the red hair!!! hahaha You are such a good sister/Aunt - You are always visiting them :) Glad you had a good time!

Stephanie said...

Really?! A FUN NOODLE?! I can never get over some people. I really can't. I just don't understand their logic (or lack thereof).

Funny, funny list! I'd love some of that to be expanded on ;)