Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thirteen items I cherish, but have given up in order to reach my goal weight:

1. Grey Goose

2. Jalapeno Potato Chips

3. Miller Lite

4. Starburst Fruit Chews

5. Heineken Lite

6. Hot Cheetos (aka Hot Fries)

7. Wine

8. Pasta (except JC prepared entrees)

9. Bud Light

10. Cheese Enchilada Dinner

11. Margaritas

12. grits (once I start eating them I can't stop)

13. Vodka Tonic...oh, how I miss you!

I do believe it has all been worth it and hope I am able to make this a lifestyle change. After making this list it is very apparent to me I love liquor way too much.


Jessica said...

I love how every other one is alcohol! Were we not supposed to notice that?!

Yum to margaritas though.

Krystyn said...

I'm super hungry now...and I should be in bed.

And, most of those aren't on my list and I'm not losing weight. What the crap?

Stephanie said...

OK, atleast 10 of those sounded WAY too good! Thats probably why I am having no luck! lol
Good luck!
Love all the alcohol! ;)

Rachel said...

haha - you crack me up!!! and I loooooove youre #2! I hope you continue to post about your progress!! so I guess HH is out of the question now :(

Marty said...

I'm just catching up. Wow, 15 pounds in just over a month! You go girl. I should make me a list too...maybe I could lose a pound or two. Keep up the good work!! Maybe I will be motivated through you.
We need an updated picture.

Missed you in ATL...are you coming this summer?