Thursday, September 25, 2008

Disclaimer: I KNOW that I am not fat, nor am I saying I think I am fat. I am out of shape and not happy about it, that's all!

Thirteen Reasons I want to lose Weight:
1. I am not happy with my body.
2. I only have 3 pairs of jeans that fit me (yes, I own 18 pair).
3. I got on the scale and I weigh more than some knocked-up person I know that is due Oct. 16.
4. I have cellulite...on my STOMACH!!!!!
5. 2 dresses that used to be big on me barely fit over my hips and butt.
6. One of my students (that I had last year) asked me how I got so fat over the summer (in his defense, he is a little guy and trying to gain weight for sports, etc.)
7. I eat food that is bad for me...all the time!
8. I spend too much money at Happy Hour....
9. I drink too many calories at Happy Hour....
10. Then I eat to many calories at Happy Hour because I feel good and 'don't care', when deep down I do and get upset about it later...when Happy Hour wears off!
11. I am single and have time to work out.
12. I want to be healthy, not just lose weight.
13. I want to listen to people complain about their weight...and NOT want to jump in the conversation.


Krystyn said...

You are ridiculous! I think you look good. You were too skinny before!

And, there is NO WAY that you weigh more than I do!!!

If you come to Atlanta, we have our very own elliptical!

Rachel said...

I feel ya! I dont think I am fat either, but I am SO out of shape! I look at picture of me from a year ago and get so sad! why is it so easy to gain it but so much harder to loose it!! (and keep it off!)

and PS - we should do a HH :)

Cara said...

You are CRAZY! You're beautiful and do not need to lose a pound! :)

And just for future reference - marriage makes people fat! I've gained 15 lbs in the past year and a half. What the heck!?

Stephanie said...

I hear you girl!
(but of course I dont think you need to lose weight!)
It does suck thinking about all those jeans that cant be worn though! ;)
Good luck!

Laura said...

Emily you look amazing, I don't know what you're talking about!!

I am right there with you though, I am so bored and don't have a gym to go to out here so I am definitely gaining weight! I think today I am going to just start running in my neighborhood, thanks for the motivation :)

Jenny said...

I feel like I should print your list and put it on my fridge. Couldn't agree with you more. I actually chose not to even participate in Swimsuit Season '08. I will in '09 for sure, and have decided when I am happy with how I look I will buy a few NICE swimsuits as a reward!! As for Happy Hours... guess I shouldn't encourage it, but I am ready when you are!!

Darrin said...

#12.) The biggest reason I started trying to get healthier!!

My Mom's side has a history of heart problems, and high blood pressure, and my old man's side has a history of diabetes. NOT the best odds as I approach mid life!

Marty said...

I miss your must post are beautiful just the way you are.